About Us

My name is Rita, my husband is Giuseppe, and we are the founders of D’Uliva.

Born out of a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, eat more organically and cook with the most authentic olive oil under the Tuscan sun, D’Uliva is our Italian dream.

Our adventure began in 2001 when our eldest son was just one year old and I was pregnant with our second son. This is a family business intended to be passed on, with the hope that our three young sons will one day take over responsibility for nurturing the trees for the next generation. 

More than a decade later,  all our olive trees are in full production, and we continue to nurture the trees using only organic methods - we are committed to using no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. 

We aim to produce delicious premium quality extra virgin olive oil using only organic methods, provide opportunities for the local community and give back to this beautiful piece of land.

It was humbling to learn that an olive tree can live for over 1,000 years. Via the loving and careful management of the olive grove, nurturing the old trees back to health and planting new ones, we hope to protect it for future generations, not just our sons, but their children, and their children’s children.                                                                        
When you buy D’Uliva, you can be sure you are buying a family-run venture with the key pillars of sustainability, tradition and quality.